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McCarroll McConnell Insurance Brokers offer Young Drivers Insurance for those who have just passed their driving test. McCarroll & McConnell are based in Ballymena, NI and have been providing Insurance to customers for over 45 years.

Young Driver Insurance NI

At McCarroll McConnell we know that in Northern Ireland young drivers and their parents can find it difficult to find car insurance after they have passed their test. It is difficult to find cheap car insurance for new drivers meaning lots of teenagers have to be included on their parents insurance until they are older. This isn’t ideal and that is why we have introduced excellent competitive insurance rates for first time drivers.

Young Driver Insurance is available from the moment you pass your test

McCarroll McConnell Young Driver Insurance is available from age 17 upwards. We offer Excellent and competitive rates for young drivers either on Telematics or Family Fleet Policy.

Young Driver Insurance allows you to start earning a No Claims Bonus in your own name

Through McCarroll McConnell Young Driver Insurance the named driver can earn a no claims bonus in their own name. That means that from the very first day you hit the road, providing you make no claims, you are potentially earning a discount when you go to renew your policy each year.

Young Drivers can enjoy a discount

At McCarroll McConnell insurance brokers we can currently offer up to 40% savings on Young Drivers Insurance in Northern Ireland. That helps you to get cheap car insurance without any drawbacks.

McCarroll McConnell insurance brokers are based in Ballymena and offer young driver insurance throughout Northern Ireland and the UK. We are a well established business with many years of expertise. If you would to find out more about insurance for a new driver, from 17 years old upwards, please give us a call on 028 2565 3053 or send us an email to info@mccmcc.co.uk.